Monday, September 24, 2007

my book list is being weird; half a dozen books are missing at the bottom and no clues in the html. so this is a test post to republish in case that makes it work..

aargh. have got nowhere with my writing this morning. day got off to a crap start when I called the pool at 8 am to book kid in for swim classes - bookings opened today - only to be told that I had to physically go over there to book him in. blame husband for not checking this fact when he took kid in to be assessed. shout at husband, throw phone (lucky for husband he was already on way to work). go to pool in fear of losing spot in the half hour it took me to get there (no, they wouldn't hold it for me, they have a Policy). grumble at pool. staff roll eyes. entire HOUR wasted. hasn't the fucking City of Yarra heard of Internet bookings? credit cards over the phone? (not accepted)? even putting the actual schedule up online so I can see what it is I'm supposed to be asking for?

but at least we have a swim class - not the one I wanted, but as long as husband takes kid along, maybe he'll learn to swim. which, you know, actually matters?

husband is more and more on probation. the big talk only established that he doesn't think he has anything to make up to me re: Hong Kong. there was no "please have another kid, I'll do all I can to make it easy for you". no, apparently it's my attitude that is the problem. and we didn't even get onto the sex, or lack of, thing.

had better force myself to do something with this rare childcare time...

Friday, September 21, 2007

blind rage moment: no, not a nappy disaster, road rage or my husband. no, ABC Kids, of all the highly trusted sources, has just run a segment called "If Your Happy And You Know It." YOUR! I shouted at the screen: "that's spelt wrong." (yes I should have said wrongly!). son answered: "It doesn't matter!"

but hell, it does. off to send email to producers of said segment pointing this out. really.

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