Wednesday, September 23, 2009

nearly up to 5 years post-diagnosis. nearly up to 6 month more of treatment. A assures me that if I have a baby he will get up to it when it cries. I tell him it's not his job to do that, but he can help feed it if he likes, and play with it. I don't know where this is heading.

two friends doing IVF right now: one has been trying for years and is now on egg donation from her sister, and got a negative. the other had a failed first round and is about to try with frozen embies; in the way of these things, her husband's father has just died and he will have to go overseas when her transfer is due. I am campaigning to be allowed to take her to the hospital and home again. these are people who are always going our of their way to help their friends, but never take help themselves. she's the person who came with me to the specialist when the lump was being tested.

so, a little vicarious IVF tension for me.

off on a four-day bike riding holiday with the kid, dh and some motel bookings (not entirely roughing it!) School holidays are good b/c we get to see more of each other, not so good for my work..

Friday, September 04, 2009

have updated my book list. seem to be actually reading at the moment. have developed a habit of a little read in the afternoon - it's important to keep going on books, I think. if they sit too long they get stale.

A. is reading too...I sometimes wonder what he's doing and find him sitting with his nose in a book. he's mine all right.

looking forward to school holidays and the Big Bike Ride in the hills, with motels and nice restaurants every night.

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