Tuesday, September 10, 2013

back on after 10 days off...or longer of course, most of my thinking has been going on my discussion boards...anyway: baby Rufus is here!

caesar went well...bit strange all round and I burst into tears when I heard him cry and more so when I saw him.

I'm slow: triple whammy of healing, bf-ing and sleep deprivation...too early to tell if he'll be a good sleeper, he's 8 days old and very random with it so far but some long sleeps in there. have a surprising amount of appointments and admin to do...dh is home with me for the rest of this week so I have help and have managed a nap each day which seems essential...I am OLD, after all.

will try to update more often. right now lots of little jobs to do online, so this will have to do...


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