Thursday, January 10, 2008

nearly two months! was sure I had blogged more recently.

not too much time to say much at this stage; the terrible news is that yes, I did go and ask my cousin about possibly being a surrogate and no, she wasn't in a position to (which was fine by me)...had a lovely afternoon with her, thought "must go and see her and her three-year-old more often"...and a week later she had a stroke, at 42. She was OK for a couple of weeks, then it happened again. And now i have a funeral to go to next week, and selfishly, I am all the more affected because my greatest fear with A. is dying and leaving him without a mother. (well, there are other fears, but none rational; just the usual paranoid mum stuff.)

surrogacy issues were on backburner anyway, I don't know what I want...and I have to come to terms with this...we were little girls together, lost contact, regained contacted...and she's gone.

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