Friday, January 23, 2009

been to Europe and back; so easy to travel with a kid who can navigate the menu on the in-flight entertainment system by himself! it helped that we flew business class. and that I had a week - a whole week - without him - first. It was really only five days here and two days in transit, but it still felt like forever.

this is just a checking-in post. I should detail the things he's doing - scolding me in my own voice with my own words, calling me "my darling" in a faux-luvvie voice, calling me "sweet Mummy", loving being back with his mates in holiday care after two weeks with no friends, how he walked around the natural history museum saying "wow" every five seconds, and then, as quickly, moving cute he looked all bundled up in his six tops and two hats in the snow. how he wanted to stop and rest when we were walking home in -9 degrees and I said "we can't just sit down and die in the snow." how he likes to email his mates, in the form of Gmail's little smiley icons. how he's starting school in just over a week and I plan to cry and cry and cry.

but I don't have time. trying to work.


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