Sunday, March 31, 2002

MizJenna sent me a nice email. if anyone's wondering, I'm not getting comments. but I do like emails from other people.

she also has a link to a free online charting service. which I think is a cool idea. might set one up. you need to see a few months' worth to get any real sense of where they're going, though, and I don't think I'll be keying in 18 months of back-charts.
dr has still not called with the results of the last test. think we may have missed ovulation this time anyway; didn't have sex after day 18 and I think I may have popped the egg on day 19 or 20. which will also make a nonsense of the test timing.

it's easy enough to say "just have lots of sex" but it's month after month and we're working, have family responsibilities, etc, etc. and I don't like the idea that we could make a chore out of it.

Thursday, March 28, 2002

the usual monthly post. not pregnant
have bought a sports car instead. I am serious. I fully expect that as soon as I start enjoying a 2-seater impractical, expensive sexy car too much, I'll fall. isn't that how it works?
and when that fails, will buy tix to the US in August as well. nothing like an impending holiday to cause pregnancy.

Sunday, March 17, 2002

so many people getting pregnant: my ex's wife is officially due in september.

feels like there are baby flashbulbs going off all around me and it's dazzling me.

another day, another blood test.
yesterday actually. made it quick; zipped up to a local clinic and was back in 1/2 an hour. I'm getting good at this.

meanwhile, on Friday night, visited R & H, proud parents of 5-month-old daughter Rose. they're great people; you walk into their house and immediately relax.

R, the mum, talked about the baby a lot. first, over dinner, she said how the baby was putting anything that came her way into her mouth.

then over coffee, she described in some detail how the baby has started poo-ing in the bath. O.....K then. naturally, I made the logical point: sooner or later the baby will surely eat some poo she finds floating in the bath.

mum was disgusted. but I stand my ground on this: if they can talk about baby poo as if we care, I'm entitled to at least make it a bit interesting for myself, aren't I?

Tuesday, March 12, 2002

I've been invited - and have joined - an infertility webring. yes, I guess this has gone from a baby-having to an infertility blog. c'est la vie. at least some infertility related visitors will balance out all those people seeking k*dd*e s*x.

to-do list for tonight: walk dog. water garden. handwash delicate clothing. ring brother. get pregnant.

Tuesday, March 05, 2002

specialist report:
she (Samantha) was quite nice. younger than me, which was weird.
a very kindergarten teacher-mumsy chairside manner.
once again, husband fairly irrelevant to proceedings. his sample came back just fine, which we expected, as he got someone pregnant once six years ago (she didn't have it)

my progesterone level was "borderline". so I have to do the blood test again this cycle. if it's still low they might put me on something called Clomophine (spelt?) to stimulate ovulation.

if I'm definitely ovulating, the next step after that is a general anaesthetic so they can look at my tubes. have a scary-looking brochure with pictures of someone's insides to look at re; that.
that procedure itself can clear up the problem, apparently - though they're not sure why. but it's a big deal.

she wasn't interested in talking cervical fluid. which goes against what my book and some instincts are telling me. but that's fine; we can try the eggwhite thing ourselves, and if I have to - ie if I'm ovulating OK - I can insist on something to stimulate that. she said postcoital tests are something they use to soothe anxious women. but I don't care what she thinks of me; I just want to get pregnant without IVF.

anyway, that's some months off. thinking of a trip to the US in late august/early september. won't do any IVF horrors before then. I'll need a break by then

workmate brought in his twin girls today. lovely things. exhausting, lovely things...

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