Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Ok, I'd just like to say that it's driving me crazy that I keep updating my read-books list in the template, and it keeps not appearing on the site.

I am so reading. so there.

also writing. a lot. so much that some organisation I will not name here has given me actual money to do so. I mean, to write what I like, not what I'm told to do. not much money, but enough to make me feel important. and frightened.

A. is very well. we have picked a school. he is almost five. it is all hard to believe. there is still no decision on the next-baby front, though I am 42 years old. basically I am being nicer to my husband in the hope he will be nicer to me and think another kid is a good idea. which will not solve the problem that my husband is basically not all that considerate or helpful to have around when you're the mother of a very small baby. of which I am reminded whenever I see the right side of my chest. sigh.

obviously it's too late for him to have a close sibling. so I have to recognise my desire for another is all about me. and life has been much more like "normal" lately - I have a mind again, and time to do the things I need to, though never enough. why would I bring a new baby into that a couple of years from now?

why not?

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