Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Ok, I'd just like to say that it's driving me crazy that I keep updating my read-books list in the template, and it keeps not appearing on the site.

I am so reading. so there.

also writing. a lot. so much that some organisation I will not name here has given me actual money to do so. I mean, to write what I like, not what I'm told to do. not much money, but enough to make me feel important. and frightened.

A. is very well. we have picked a school. he is almost five. it is all hard to believe. there is still no decision on the next-baby front, though I am 42 years old. basically I am being nicer to my husband in the hope he will be nicer to me and think another kid is a good idea. which will not solve the problem that my husband is basically not all that considerate or helpful to have around when you're the mother of a very small baby. of which I am reminded whenever I see the right side of my chest. sigh.

obviously it's too late for him to have a close sibling. so I have to recognise my desire for another is all about me. and life has been much more like "normal" lately - I have a mind again, and time to do the things I need to, though never enough. why would I bring a new baby into that a couple of years from now?

why not?

It has nothing to do with me, Im sorry, but I think you should have another Baby. Menopause is the biological time to stop having babies, thats how nature made us. If we werent able to have Babies up until this point we wouldnt be able to. (And I know this varies alot between women.) But as a generalisation, you have years still ahead of you for 'nature intended' conception. 42 is the new 32! Everyone is saying so. :)

My children have a 5 year age gap, they are close, and I know they will be close as adults. I have great friends 9 years younger and more.. siblings arent just about children. A sibling is for life, and most of our lives we are adults.

Good luck with everything, I hope your dreams come to fruition!


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