Sunday, February 28, 2010

he was watching Nigella Lawson on the TV yesterday. he said "that lady's kids are lucky" and "this show is making me hungry". so I said "would you like to go and live with her?". He thought for a moment and said: "no, I'll stay with you."

then we made jelly with tinned fruit in it. take that, buxom TV superchef!

Sunday, February 14, 2010

went to look at guinea pig cages yesterday. ascertained prices and left. I'm not rushing into this.

as we were leaving he said to me: "I think it would be good to get the cage before the guinea pigs." he had thought we were going to buy one yesterday. he's such a good boy. no tantrum. just a subtle attempt to convince me. he is learning to try to manipulate me, to work his way around me. from his pov I must be just about everything, the Great Power in the world.

no wonder teenagers rebel.

bizarre thought on passing a tattoo/piercing parlour; wonder what it would look like to get a new breast made of silver plate. I could attach by little rings or clips pierced into my skin.

just saying...

Tuesday, February 02, 2010

school's back. the six weeks were OK in the end. I surrendered to not getting any work done, and ended up having my first proper mental break since the cancer diagnosis.

we had a week at the beach, then his grandparents took him for a few nights. his other grandparents were in town too (the inlaws) and we went to their 24th floor apartment, where I was horrified at the balconies and have banned dh from letting him be there until it's understood 17 times over that those doors are to stay CLOSED.

had a few days here and there at the country place, where his new reading skills made him a fine quiet-morning companion.

and it is definitely getting easier, this parenting thing, at least in terms of demands on me. but I am also missing my little person, and thinking that maybe I'd like another; I will be frustrated and worn out again, but they are so damn nice, children. there is no feeling like looking at my own child, listening to him talk. it's gold, and I don't care if it's some biological trick. we - humans - are just a parcel of biological tricks after all.

he's back at school now. Grade One. five months of treatment to go. have an appointment with the IVF dr in April, and am about to start the STUPID police check process that the state now requires before I can use my own bloody embies. stupid.

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