Tuesday, November 27, 2001

apparently Madonna, mother of two, has never changed a nappy. This article tells of the joy she's missing out on. I am partially convinced. via Jill Matrix


It has to be said: Human women are not Fijian worms

don't believe this: it is not true a second ovulation based on the cycles of the moon. hogwash. and they want you to PAY for the information.
can anyone spell S-C-A-M?

Too many career-oriented women are wilfully blind to the consequence of postponing childbirth, a leading Australian infertility expert has warned.

oh yeah? how dare they assume that it's all about career? how about the men who also put it off? how about the women who take a while to find the right man? how about those who are reluctant to bring kids into a not-perfect situation and sensibly wait? I hate this kind of told-you-so, anti-feminist stuff. If we don't have babies by 30, it serves us right, is that it?



Monday, November 26, 2001

pap test clear, btw. which is good, because I am just not interested in going through what I did last time it came up a bit wrong.

but speaking of insensitive things: M, a girl I've known for years, was talking to me at the office party the other night. she'd brought a friend, with whom I was getting on really well, just about flirting (it's not a crime, you know), when M suddenly starts quizzing me insistently and loudly about how I'm going with the babymaking. I pretty much told her (in front of her friend) that she was embarassing me and it was inappropriate in the company of a male I hardly know. I also minded very much that she was casting me in the light of "desperate to get pregnant" which is not how it is. it's not ruling my life in any sense (apart from the odd bonk when I'm less than up for it)
and when I see her next, I am going to just say quite plainly "Never do that to me again. there is a difference between female talk and raising such issues at a light social event, for Gawd's sake". (not to mention that it's not the sort of thing one advertises in the workplace; discrimination still exists) and if it hurts her feelings I won't mind at all. Un-be-liev-able.

the more I do this, the more I get to know the cycles and patterns, the more alert I become to any little change; is my temperature 2/10 of a degree higher? are my breasts swollen in the normal premenstrual way, or is it something else? do I feel a tiny bit queasy? a little more tired than usual?

Wednesday, November 21, 2001

all the insensitive things people say to women who are trying to conceive.
funnily, I don't get any of these from parents, in-laws, etc. I think people know I don't take personal intrusion very well.
my hairdresser, otoh, is quite happy to demand to know when we're having kids. but she's 21 and a hairdresser, who has no guile and is happy to talk about anything, so I forgave her.

when you're ovulating, it doesn't matter if you are feeling grumpy and not in the mood. it doesn't matter if your husband needs to clean his teeth in the morning, and minds very much when you gently suggest he do so. it doesn't matter if you want to storm off and sulk for a few days.
you just Get On With It.

Wednesday, November 14, 2001

urgh. no matter which way you look at them, pap tests are unpleasant things.
my lovely doctor tells me that one good thing about being pregnant is that people actually stop looking up your vagina for a while.
now that'll be a relief.
she also agrees with my plan to try three more times (making six good solid attempts) then go back and see her if nothing's happened.
I like her.

Monday, November 12, 2001

a lol birth story
and the aftermath: a baby manual:

Sunday, November 11, 2001

thirty three weeks(plus one, two etc) has the right idea. she didn't start her blog until she was actually pregnant. maybe I should change the name of this one to "maybe baby".

no, I wasn't. hmm. still deciding about New York.
am feeling quite annoyed with our architect; it seems he's determined to draw out the renovation process so that nothing will happen until I'm actually pregnant.
is it really something everyone has to do, being in a half-built house when pregnant/with small children?
feeling like forgetting about the whole thing for a month or so.

Friday, November 02, 2001

have decided: If I'm not pregnant, I'll go to New York.will have to miss a cycle of trying; air sickness pills and flying are not a good idea in first trimester.

If I am, I won't.

so either way, I win, right?

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