Tuesday, September 16, 2008

mike and mike...I admit to only having read the first couple of posts, but my first reaction was to doubt that it was real - sorry Mike and Mike, if you are real!...and then, if they really are pregnant with six babies to two surrogates, to hope they have one hell of a supportive social group.

and though I wish them well, to think again that this stuff is best done in places where putting back four embryos at once is simply not done. selective reduction is a nightmare, even for pro-choice types like me (and that too is complicated - the proposed laws in Victoria allow abortion up to 24 weeks and I can't say I'm relaxed and comfortable about that). if they had been able to do what they're doing more easily in the US - and I"m not sure why they couldn't - or if they were Australians and could do it here, the better medical system (easier to freeze embies etc) would have prevented them being landed with what is effectively sextuplets.

but it's done now. as things are. so I hope they are really up for it.

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