Thursday, May 28, 2009

just taking a moment out of my busy day to say: am I really supposed to feel sorry for the mother who sent her kids to school with swine flu - or at least flu symptoms right after coming back from frickin' disneyland?

who then went on to whinge about how she didn't know how they "did the black plague without dvds"?

I don't think she should be hung. but she ought to at least apologise for causing the whole SCHOOL to be CLOSED for a WEEK.

it's not rocket science, people. it's epidemiology. or, if your kid is sick, DON'T PASS IT ON!!

if someone's kid dies as a result of the flu that started with her kids, how would she feel? I suspect she is yet to make the connection between her actions and what's happened. idjut.

A's school is yet to be affected - we're very close to 2 primary schools that have it and there's a lot of mixing between schools at weekends and so on - I am just hoping the school doesn't get it before the weekend, as we have my elderly parents booked to babysit him so we can get some time away. if he's exposed, we'll have to cancel. because, you know, we don't want to SPREAD it. and we have half a brain between us.

next week, bring it on. it's going to happen, I know. just not this week. please?

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

hmmm.. got an email from blogger that suggested someone may have tried to use my account...odd.

nothing to say here, apart from kid growing up and up and up.

just spent the morning at his school's Grade 4 doing a talk about my work. all very worthy but I really don't have the time. this project is bigger than I thought. or I have less time than I thought. either way, the boulder's not moving.

Monday, May 11, 2009

is it really stealing chocolate from my son's easter bunny if I only take from the back of the bunny, leaving the face intact?

big mother's day yesterday: drove up to see my parents, took them out for high tea. A. was very well behaved and as always it was more relaxing having other adults to help wrangle him.

there may be an issue at school, I'm not sure. he's learning well and has friends, but some bigger kids are getting him to do things he doesn't want to do - being rude to other kids, kissing girls on the chest, things like that - I only heard about it through another mother but he has now confirmed it and told me some other things they've done. I've acted like it's no big deal but suggested maybe he should avoid those kids, or at least not go to the "secret hiding places" with them. would quite like to have a word in the ear of the kids concerned - they are four years older than him - but if it comes down to it will probably have to go through Channels, ie the teacher and possibly principal. hoping he will handle it by telling them to nick off. and heartened that at least two older kids are on his side - both the kid through whom the information came, and another who apparently told them to leave him alone.

the thing is, he's so sweet and compliant, I can see how he could be a nice toy for them. and how that could hurt him when he sees it for what it is.

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