Sunday, September 30, 2001

Q has a blog combining discussion of New York with his/her work in a neonatal word. Including the first use of the word "surgiglube" I've seen on the Web. something to do with catheters, apparently.

Thursday, September 27, 2001

the rest of the Anne Enright article was in last weekend.
beautiful stuff; real and emotional without being mawkish.
waiting in the labor ward, she met an overweight woman who was going to have a caesarian, she was so fat.
"I try to be sympathetic, but I think I hate her. She is weakness in the room."
and, getting down to the birth business: "I know how to do this, I have done it in my dreams ... Martin is invited to "take a leg" and he politely acccepts ... Push!"

lots of xs on the chart where it says "intercourse."
the joy of ovulation
have no other thoughts.
maybe I should go to New York instead.
maybe we should just get lots more dogs.
maybe we should get lots of dogs and walk them in Central Park.
but no, we couldn't afford an apartment anywhere nearCentral Park.
the boy may be an Internet millionaire but only in Australian dollars.

Thursday, September 20, 2001

medical diagrams of how the heart forms
I can't work out if it's magical or really creepy to see.
there are lots of other do-it-yourself surgery guides on this site as well.

Tuesday, September 18, 2001

how generous can you get?

.this woman spent THREE YEARS trying to produce a surrogate baby for friends. this is while she is fostering other children, mind you.


this guy is cute.
he's a real geek; full of talk about the baby heart monitor, the crib he wants to open, and how much he wants his baby to arrive so he can PLAY with it.
boys and their toys...

hey, IVF woman got pregnant! way to go!
now she's complaining about the morning sickness and tiredness.
isn't that sweet?

Monday, September 17, 2001

no baby this time. Tuesday lunchtime I felt as spaced out as I've ever felt, remote from the world - so eventually I went home.
by the time I got home, my period had started and my head had cleared. the headache I'd had for three days was gone.

I'm always telling myself that I'll just continue on as normal when I get pregant, but when a little dose of hormones can do that to me, the fact is, I won't. I'll do whatever the hell my body tells me.

A nice article from Ann Enright in the weekend magazine on becoming pregnant. it starts "One Friday in October, I started falling in love with everyone..."
I can't go into it all; it ranges from emotional to hilarious to informative (eg, the reason the first three monts are so tiring is your blood volume goes up 30 % - and your bone marrow is in overdrive. you're literally bone tired).

"there was a deep note humming through me, so low that no one else could hear. it was in every part of me, swelling in my face and hands, and it felt like joy."

she's an Irish writer I haven't come across before, but will get more of. looking forward to the second instalment on the actual birth next Sunday.

Sunday, September 09, 2001

Naomi Wolf on motherhood sounds really scary: things like hearing the doctor say during her caesarian "I have to get this small intestine back in."
and also really true: how there is no such thing as the perfect mother, how society makes motherhood an individual issue (and therefore not its responsibility), and how it's exhausting and mothers mourn for their former selves.
that one's on the (growing) reading list.

Friday, September 07, 2001

chris thinks I'm poignant.
more importantly, he has a photo of a real live crinoid down near the bottom of his site.

and amusing images to do with forceful entry of water into body cavities.

sex sex sex. that's all I ever think about...

my friend Kylie says she's been off the Pill since May and nothing's happened.
I told her that wasn't so long.
me, I have no idea. just waiting is a hard thing to do
best to not think about it, I guess

Sunday, September 02, 2001

I wonder, as I shower, as I sit at lunch with the in-laws, how it's going in there. I think about how the egg is the size of a pin head, if that, and how tiny a sperm is and how, if they have got together, they're still floating about in that giant space called womb, looking for something to hold onto. and I feel kind of wistful for it, alone in such a huge, unknowable world.

Saturday, September 01, 2001

I am SERIOUSLY considering moving this blog and taking it off the search engines. all those porn hounds looking for - I can't even type it in because it will attract more - are making me feel quite ill. I have no problem with Internet s-e-x, but this is the just-not-on end of the spectrum we're talking about.

lots and lots of sex; well it felt like it. in fact, it felt like a sperm bath (another reason this blog is anonymous...) now my temperature has risen, meaning I've ovulated, and all I can do is wait and see if it goes up again in a few days.
went and saw the new baby again this afternoon. her dad is being a perfect new father: cooking lots of food for the "lactating woman", changing nappies and generally being clucky. so sweet.

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