Sunday, April 14, 2013

no updates for a while; guess I've been doing all my thinking aloud on the donation forum...20 weeks and one day today and everything is boringly normal, which is how you want past the feeling queasy stage and still able, if I really suck my gut in and wear non-clingy clothes, to look non-pregnant.

feeling slightly more positive about the whole prospect of a new baby, but that may be because I'm in denial. have done the essential things, like medical and working on the changes to the house, but not really achieving all the other preparations. more focussed on spending the next 3 months (weekdays at least) living up in the country with the nine-year-old. by the time I come back I'll be past 7 months pregnant...the boy thinks I'm joking about him carting all the wood in but I know that by then my hips will have gone west and I won't be carrying anything. still it will be a lovely bonding time.

my parents very very excited and pleased. friends refraining so far from judgmental comments or negativity about my age. Dh's parents the usual lukewarm polite reaction, and MIL waited until I was out of the room to ask DH about the IVF. the reaction to the donation news was apparently: "Oh." feel like that approach is pretty rude in itself, but really the inlaws have shown they are not interested in being supportive per se. they just go along their own path and occasionally ask me to do things that don't suit me. sigh.

getting kicked a little, but not enough to bother me. the baby is standing on my bladder, which does bother if you'll excuse me I have to go and wee, it's been half an hour till the next time.

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