Friday, February 12, 2016

logged in to do some admin so I may as well post. nearly two and a half. in a new childcare centre (the one his brother went to) and doing well.

independent. bossy. curious. loves a tickle but not really a hug. experimental. likes to take giant knives out of the kitchen drawer and run around with them (it was just once!)

we've sent off the forms to 'dispose' of the one emby that's left. I turn 50 in May.

in four weeks I'm going in for the truly horrid, painful reconstructive surgery that takes fat and skin off my stomach and tries to make it look like a boob. many misgivings but taking a punt that the result will be worthwhile. rather sick of this silicon thing and worrying about whether people can see down my top. just want to feel halfway normal.

planning a lot of tv and movies and maybe some books. will not be able to ride or swim for six weeks. really not looking forward to it, or the bit where I rely on husband to take care of things, and me. my expectations are high and his efforts don't meet them and it gets ugly.

and so on...

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