Friday, October 30, 2009

so A. turns six next week, which of course is five years post-diagnosis. exactly. surgeon OK'd me last week. maybe a CAT scan before the five years post-treatment mark.

might I have made it? afraid to take my fingers away from my eyes, really.

A. is all about Halloween this weekend; has a scary skeleton outfit sent to him by MIL, who for all her usual impeccable taste seems to go in for ghoulish kid outfits. so I am going doorknocking with him and some neighbourhood kids/mums tomorrow.

he is also all about star charts (or tick charts) for being good - getting dressed, doing his handwriting practice - and if he keeps that up, he gets another chart for giving the dog water. and if he gets that right, well, I have to buy him a guinea pig.

btw, don't go looking for guinea pigs on Google images. (pause) told you not to look, didn't I? gross, huh?

my current wish is for someone to make a decent mastectomy swimsuit. maybe a two-piece even? in a colour other than black?

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