Friday, October 30, 2009

so A. turns six next week, which of course is five years post-diagnosis. exactly. surgeon OK'd me last week. maybe a CAT scan before the five years post-treatment mark.

might I have made it? afraid to take my fingers away from my eyes, really.

A. is all about Halloween this weekend; has a scary skeleton outfit sent to him by MIL, who for all her usual impeccable taste seems to go in for ghoulish kid outfits. so I am going doorknocking with him and some neighbourhood kids/mums tomorrow.

he is also all about star charts (or tick charts) for being good - getting dressed, doing his handwriting practice - and if he keeps that up, he gets another chart for giving the dog water. and if he gets that right, well, I have to buy him a guinea pig.

btw, don't go looking for guinea pigs on Google images. (pause) told you not to look, didn't I? gross, huh?

my current wish is for someone to make a decent mastectomy swimsuit. maybe a two-piece even? in a colour other than black?

I love crazy suits. Do post a pic of the halloween suit if you can.
Hope you recover quickly. This is Ben from Israeli Uncensored News.
yo Ben from Israeli Uncensored News.
working hard, hey?
there is no "recover quickly" in this game. it's recover slowly, as slowly as time passes in fact. but I do appreciate the thought.
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