Friday, November 20, 2009

the definition of good timing: to wake up early and drive to the beach on a super-hot day, only to receive a phone call from the husband saying the kid is sick and staying home from school.

why good timing? because it meant I a) got my swim anyway and b) did it on a day that would have been shot for work by said sick child. was home by lunchtime and able to take over childcare without a jot of resentment. and husband gets brownie points for staying home for morning.

anyway there was nothing much wrong with him. he's back at school today. only four weeks left until the six-week school holidays. now there's a motivation to do some work. in fact we are both (kid and me: have no idea what dh thinks) looking forward to our little trips, house cleanup, cooking, week at the beach and of course: CHRISTMAS. the highlight of any six-year-old's birthday (after the actual act of turning six)

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

we're sitting on the floor. he gets a cushion and leans it against me and snuggles in.
"you're a tree," he says.
"and you're a pea," I say, pea being my latest affectionate name for him.
"no," he says. "I'm a birdie. and I made my nest in you."

sometimes I love him so much it makes my heart break.

sixth birthday report: a day of insane fruit-salad making, dealing (not well) with a kid who threw a tantrum, and occasionally stopping to thank the nonexistent God that after five years exactly, I was still Not Dead.

it's very hot for November. I suppose he thinks it's normal. the benefit of being brand new.

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