Monday, May 03, 2004

oooh. he likes the Jolly Jumper. I've set it up in the doorway right next to the computer, so he's safely jumping about (and cooing and trying to undo the straps) while I type. I should get 2x10 minute computing sessions a day out of this toy.

so, briefly, the car seat saga. bought a seat yesterday morning. yesterday afternoon got talking on my bulletin board and researching online and realised that car seats can be put on planes. then realised it'd be better to have a car seat that turns into a layback capsule for at least the first couple of flights (dh's company will be paying the tickets, so I think A. deserves his own seat, for safety and his mothers' sanity - it's 8 or 10 hours to Hong Kong, overnight.

so now I have to take the seat back. a small thing. however, the number of small things I have to do seem to be multiplying, and his sleep is getting worse. hanging on for May 11 and the sleep school.

time's up.

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