Monday, May 10, 2004

whoa. don't know if I'm up to coping with a new interface. still, there it is; and I'm pushing 1000 posts, it tells me!

anyway, to more important stuff: baby sleep school tomorrow. my mothers' group has worded me up on the good and bad staff, the quality of the food (non-existent) and the fact that I "can always leave". so my hopes are not so high. after all, how DO you stop a baby waking up in the first place? he settles down after each time, it's the waking that's getting me.

still a mess. could hardly lift my feet when I woke this morning. I'm learning that I do improve, given time and caffeine. but I'm not supposed to be having too much of the latter.

on baby-related dietary limits: here I am, off to Hong Kong with its millions of yummy Chinese restaurants featuring crabs, mussels, etc: and what can't I eat? shellfish. blah. the things I do for my child, etc.

this week's project: somehow find two hours to get through a taped current affairs show on IVF. yeah right. maybe 12 10-minute blocks, but not two hours.

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