Wednesday, December 08, 2004

I could be on here forever talking about things. the baby is crawling/walking around neglected and wrecking the place, the dishwasher needs emptying and I have a visitor turning up soon. so life goes on.

every day for the next couple of weeks has an appointment: wigs tomorrow, IVF dr/dressing removal Friday, nothing Monday (we're off to join some friends at the beach for a break), oncologist again Tuesday, GP Wednesday, then the start of chemo Thursday next week. and I want to fit in a Chinese dr I've been recommended to as well.

the oncologist wasn't very interested in the question of whether the recent pregnancy hurt my odds, though he claimed it was factored into the prognosis he gave me.

he also said "don't go vegetarian on me", claiming he'd never had a vego patient not end up in hospital with low blood counts.

we got a copy of the pathology report - scary, and angering. the angering bit is the mastectomy report, completely clear. if she'd cut a bit wider, just 5 mm all around, it would have been OK. but I'm not supposed to complain about that. my deal is that I cop it, and the cancer doesn't come back, right?

dh asked the oncologist for side fx of the chemo (there are two types). he said: "tired and bald". hence my wig appt. not much I can do about "tired".

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