Sunday, December 05, 2004

I've always felt that events were, to some extent, within my control. yes, I'm a stress bunny, anxious. but part of that has been the inner me shrieking: "don't just sit there, do something."

so now that they've finished hacking up my body, I have to move onto what I can do. postive affirmations aside, it's likely that cancer cells are floating around in me, looking for a place to set up shop.

to stop - or, I suppose, slow - them, we will be doing chemotherapy (to kill 'em off) and hormonal therapy (more to put them to sleep). oncologist on Tuesday will tell me more.

at the same time, I am feeling like sticking to amazing and inspirational experience. I really have no clue how he does it. He's awesome. The thing that Melody said about him having the most EQ is totally correct. "Boo, boooo" He's dedicated and serious, but makes our experience fonominal at the same time. One change I noticed is that he doesn't use his old jokes anymore. He doesn't ask if people brought their pencils to rehearsal or not. He trusts and loves us (the band) for who we are. He believes in us. The EQ sessions were informative, but the truth was that no one cared. Mr. Humphrey's speech was inspirational and things went particulary well I believe. During the meal times, we just began to sit with Athena, Erica and Vivian. We didn't sit with Iris, Fabian and them most of the time. It was coool getting to know them better. I realized that Vivian has a great sense of humour and that they all dislike ZZ!! hahaha thank god. Okies, the ZZ issue is simply way out of hand. What the fuccck is ZZZ trying to do?! Holy craaaaaps. Neways. The first night activity was the PanBethunian games and it was successful. We had fun and nothing in particular went wrong. I loved spending time in our room. Mich would always listen to Joey music and it sounded good =) and we would just chill and talk. Those were the times whereeeee I wish would never ever end. Things weren't looking that brin

whoa. that last par is nothing to do with me. blogger weirdness..
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