Tuesday, December 07, 2004

oncologist report: the final prognosis/plan

without any treatment, 10-year dfs (disease free survival) rate= 30 %

suggested treatment:
three months AC (which has risks of heart disease and leukemia, minimal). this has a 20 % chance of inducing menopaus.
three months dmc. this has a 60% chance of inducing menopause.

if menopause is induced, I have a 60% chance of making 10 years disease-free.

if the chemo doesn't induce menopause, they'll use Zoladex or possibly surgery to make sure I do go into permanent menopause.

there's also five years of Tamoxifen - ?followed by Fosomex? not sure of my notes on this - which will help protect my bones and block hormonal uptake.

radiotherapy will give me an extra few percent of chance on top of that 60%.

if I only did the three months - and didn't have menopause?? the odds are in the high 40s.

so I suppose that's that. a 10 per cent difference in survival is a lot. and that's the menopause thing that upsets me, and I need to look into it further. we see my IVF dr on Friday. the oncologist was not keen on another baby.

we have time. the three months of chemo is a given, the next three very likely too.

these odds are fucked, btw. and yes I'm angry and all the rest. no time to write about all that now. trying to get a lot of sleep...

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