Thursday, December 30, 2004

quick blog as I am the keyholder for mothers' group this week, which means I shouldn't be later than necessary - hey, it's a lovely day, they can hang out in the park if need be.

hair report - starting to fall, at about the rate it did post-pregnancy. won't it make an awful mess when it does all fall out? it's not like it comes off neatly, like a wig. no, I'll leave a trail of brown hairs all over the house. annoyingly, examination shows that the post-baby regrowth was very healthy indeed.

got to the market minus baby this morning - starting to get back on my bike and into the pool, which is very enjoyable. there were so many babies there. now I don't look at single babies with envy - I look at sets of two or three. and I calculate how far apart they are. I am particularly jealous of the toddler-baby pairings. I have to start thinking of the advantages of waiting three-four years between kids: A. will be toilet trained, able to walk beside me, able to help a bit with the baby, in kindergarten some of the time so I can have afternoon naps, and so on. but he's also getting to the stage where he gets bored with the house easily and has to be entertained or taken out at least once a day - so a sibling soon is seeming more like a good idea. not that it's an option.

his latest clever thing: a gift came with a square of red cellophane. all by himself, he discovered that if he holds it up in front of his eyes, the world looks different. dh quipped: "you've got your rose-coloured glasses on". and he does. the world is very good to him.

(and I always think now: as long as his Mummy doesn't die...)

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