Tuesday, December 21, 2004

so I am finally getting the cancer treatment lifestyle under control. and it's shaping up OK.

this is the schedule for next year, phasing in from mid-January and in full swing for summer over Feb-March.

Monday: mini-maestros in the morning with people from mothers' group. fax vegie order in to greengrocer

Tuesday: sitter takes A. while I ride my bike to Carlton for physio on my arm and pick up non-greengrocer vegie items. possibly a swim Tuesday or Wednesday night after dh comes home.

Wednesday: unstructured, social stuff probably.

Thursday: Cleaners come weekly, dog is taken by walking service to his brush monthly. Mothers' group in the afternoon and every third Thursday, chemo.

Friday: A. has a place at daycare. a mix of crashing out and throwing up (chemo weeks), a free day (the week after chemo) and going to acupuncture (the week before chemo).

weekends: chemo weekends VERY quiet, the other two weekends I should get a bike ride and a swim in - maybe even take A. for a ride on the bike carrier I want to get him and me for Christmas.

there. who said cancer can't be fun?

I seem to be starting to fish around for things A. can do with other babies. it's only-child guilt, of course. it's not as if he'd even have a sibling until a year from now even without the cancer. but it will be a consideration to find him friends and peers. best-case scenario doesn't deliver him a sibling until he's over four, by which time he'll be much too big to enjoy bashing toys together.

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