Monday, December 06, 2004

soundtrack=Garbage, and everything else in our record collection. it was worth going Mac just for iTunes' "random" function, I think.

my little boy is WALKING!

has been for about three days now really. he suddenly abandoned his walky-horse and began tottering 3-4 feet at a time. now he can do several metres (pardon the mixed measures), turn corners and even carry things in transit. he's got that classic wide-legged gait, appropriately as he's just got "off his horse", and shrieks with laughter when he walks. this is a moment I've been waiting for - and I'm sorry to see it come. I guess in a day or three more he'll really be a toddler.

went to the movies with a mothers' group person today. hopefully another new friend. her little girl has sight problems (I hadn't asked before, though her baby clearly had some difficulties.) a third mothers' group person is coming over soon to trade IVF war stories and questions about second babies soon, too. a fourth is up to day 18 of her sleep school and her one-year-old has just slept through.

never assume that other people have it easier.

as you will notice, this post has nothing to do with cancer. oncologist tomorrow.

my Mac seems very keen on Marianne Faithfull right now...

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