Sunday, December 26, 2004

what a good baby. coming up on two hours' sleep in the afternoon. not for me, of course, #%@#@ dog next door saw to that.

did I say he got trucks for Christmas? and a kind of funny nipple-covered rubber football? and that he's the happiest kid in the world?

yesterday morning (xmas day) the hospital where I'm being treated had a fire. all the babies in humidicribs had to be evacuated with all the other mums and babies, via the floor where I normally go (it has a bridge across to another building that I will forever associate with the trip to surgery). I now have no idea if I go in as normal in January for my next chemo. but that's a way off, hey?

lots of notes being taken in hard copy, can never be bothered writing them out. but I am doing a bit of "proper" writing. don't know if I'm feeling better, or if it's the end of bf-ing allowing my brain to kick back in. either way, it's quite satisfying to be creating anything at all.

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