Friday, January 14, 2005

darn ivf dr. she's so nice. so understanding.

and so upfront.

she is quite sure my onc. really doesn't think I should have another baby. she thinks five years is the minimum I should wait. she says all those studies are skewed, either through mistakes in allocating hormone status, or exclusion of women like me.

I did sob a little bit. I do try not to - it doesn't seem to help me much to cry, it doesn't get me anywhere.

but it's looking more and more like if those embies get cooked, it won't be in my womb. not when I'm 44 with a six-year-old. dh wouldn't wait that long. and I don't know if I can. and even then, it might be risky.

meeting with surrogacy law review person on Wednesday...

(wig update - wore it in PUBLIC! felt like a drag queen, but actually looked OK. I think).

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