Thursday, January 20, 2005

have spent half my morning free time posting on various bulletin boards to encourage people to make submissions to LRC, so this is quick:

I spent 45 minutes in there - they haven't had many potential IPs, so were very interested in me: exhibit A. A. himself was very good and charming, and I did point out there were 8 more like him in the freezer.

issues covered included: GS vs TS on the question of relinquishment. compensation (of course). illogicality of laws that allow donor eggs but not GS. pre-surrogacy social worker checks. brief allusion to the forces of evil, aka Australian Family Association. my willingness if needed to talk to politicians (who generally don't have much imagination and need a real person to see). how often custody cases develop after surrogacy. whether or not surrogacy is exploitation of women's bodies and whether women can make up their own minds. and so on. hopefully productive.

if I don't die, I am having that second baby, as long as the 8 embies have one good one. I've decided. whether it's another baby at 44 or GS sooner, it's happening. I don't really care about work. we can afford for me to stay home. I'm getting into my writing - sending poems and stories to comps and journals - and will be quite happy even if I have ten years of home-with-babies-and-toddlers life.

shopping for a bike trailer for A. this weekend. as long as I don't die, life is good.

ps: if you happen to be a potential Victorian IP or GS or TS, email me or just talk to the LRC. if you don't ask, you don't get.

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