Thursday, January 06, 2005

it's my neutrophils. I had never heard of them before, but at 0.6 they are too low to do chemo today. so my social calendar is in disarray as we re-schedule not only next week but the following four cycles or so. and I have to have a shot of something or other that will cause bone pain and eject neutrophils into my body after each chemo now.

neutrophils are useful things. this person is kind of hung up on them.

in other news, my onc. is unmoved by the research on post-bc pregnancy and still says don't do it. I did have to assert myself somewhat to make it clear what I was asking about natural vs supported pregnancy. he mentioned that some women "break through" zoladex and still ovulate. which would be a real pain, as it would mean taking my ovaries out. so in a sense I might be better off with menopause and supported pg than no pg at all.

or of course with surrogacy. the head of the body which is to report to the state government on surrogacy has agreed to meet me, having seen my submission. beauty. anything I can do to help things along, even if meetings with professors are kind of demanding on my current self, busy and woolly-minded as it is. I'm sure I'll snap into professional mode when it's needed, though.

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