Thursday, January 20, 2005

surrogacy is legal in Canberra. Sydney IVF (google it, I don't want to link to it) has a clinic there, and surrogacy guidelines. which contain this:

"4.3 The genetic mother should be suffering from some medical condition making pregnancy unlikely, but which is unlikely to reduce the ability to care for her child, or reduce her life expectancy until the child has at least reached majority. Without restricting the foregoing, examples of such conditions are absent uterus, diseased or damaged uterus, abnormal uterus, repeated failed IVF attempts and repeated miscarriage."

so if similar guidelines come in in Victoria, or we tried to go to Canberra, I'd be stuffed. what's "unlikely"? 10 per cent chance of recurrence? five?

grrrr. paternalism again.

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