Tuesday, January 11, 2005

they gave me the wrong drug. seriously. I looked up halfway through chemo and called the nurse over and gently said "should I be worried that it's not my name on that bag?".

at first she took a no-problem approach, not saying much except that it was more or less the same. I asked if the dose was the same and she said something like it was. then later, once the other patients were gone, I got the full grovelling apology. I think it really shook her up. she'd rung my dr (of course) and he'll be ringing me tomorrow.

I got most of a 170mg(?dose? that number, anyway) of Epirubicin, which is very similar to the 90 or so mg of adriamycin I was meant to have. I have been assured it won't make any difference to the treatment. it might even make me throw up less.

the nurse concerned - a lovely, jolly thing normally - said this has never happened to her in 24 years. at the time she hung up the bag, she was engaged in conversation with another nurse about the failings of college-trained (as opposed to old-fashioned hospital-trained) nurses. my dr is supposed to call me tomorrow and I assume the poor nurse will have to fill out a lot of forms and there will be a How Did This Happen? inquiry.

I wonder if the other woman, who strangely enough has the same initials as me, got the right stuff?

in other news, A. had his new babysitter today. he was fine, of course. that was the morning, when I went to physio - did I mention my arm is HEAPS better? - in the afternoon a little friend and his mum came to visit until dh came home. and yesterday we sat at the child care centre for 1/2 an hour. as expected, he ignored me and ran around with the new toys and other kids. he'll do three hours in there on Friday while I go visit my IVF dr and, I dunno, have a coffee and start my novel or something...

also, today he pulled the fishtank (smallish,plastic) and a side table down on himself. this was because the sitter and he "admired the fish" this morning. I should have listened to the little voice in my head that said "that means he'll be fish-mad for a few days". instead, I had 10 towels to wipe it all up, a screaming (unhurt) baby and a flopping fish, who is now living in a bucket in the laundry.

also also, we have rabbits. two. in a hutch. he loves 'em. they're being rabbit-sat for a while, as if I don't have enough to do. the friend who left them here has done so much for me, though, and was going to drive for an hour to leave them with family, so I insisted. they're kind of cute and floppy, but I'm not picking them up. they scratch.

had better have my shower and get my semi-bald head onto the pillow. I have what dh calls a reverse mohawk. I'm sure you can picture it.

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