Saturday, February 12, 2005

childcare made my baby sick.

it might have been the sausage at the bbq thursday night. it might have been the tuna past Friday lunchtime. but in the 24 hours before he started showing signs of a sore tum (at almost nothing Friday night) he only ate cereal and fruit at our place. and this morning, Saturday, he'd thrown up in his cot, and developed diarrhoea. bless him, he'd thrown up in the middle of the night and not even woken us.

I have to ring the centre Monday and ask if any other kids got sick. it had just better not happen again or I'll be asking what they're doing about hygiene. and if the response isn't good, I'll have to talk to the council hygiene people.

it was bad enough that they had salads at the bbq with NUTS in them. this, at a "nut-free" centre. at child height. A. may well be allergic, as my brother and his cousin are, and I don't want to find out. the salads seemed to have been supplied by the centre, and the coordinator simply moved them to the other end of the space when I pointed them out and said "they're for the adults" as if that would stop a toddler getting into them. especially my food-hog toddler.

not very happy. he loves it there and the staff are good. but these issues are serious.

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