Monday, February 21, 2005

don't know why I've been MIA lately. busy, I guess.

we got A's bike trailer last week, and his helmet last weekend. it's a pretty flash trailer, seems to trundle along behind the bike well. now all I have to do is actually put the baby in it and go for a ride...a bit scary really, like the first time we put him in the car.

next will be the trike-with-parent-handle, followed by the half-bike behind my bike, followed by a proper bike, followed by a big bike. I want him to love cycling - just don't want him to do it on horrible Melbourne roads. dilemma.

other developments; he's starting to pile up blocks, at least to try to when I show him how. I have a feeling he should have been doing that already, but really I'm pretty relaxed about his development. he's saying quite a few proto-words now, and understands a lot. he also knows what shoes are - at least, he put his cute little feet into Daddy's big sweaty jogging shoes today.

all in all we're having a lot of fun together. now if I could only shake this feeling that I need to pile lots of love onto him in case I die, and my anxiety that the more fun we have now, the more he'll miss me...stupid cancer.

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