Friday, March 04, 2005

once famous for being sacked, is now a Mom (has been for a while, but hey, I've been busy).

a sample: "It felt like we were sharing a table with a raccoon, a vengeful raccoon that’s just too cute to shoot. She destroyed two menus and threw forks, spoons, crackers, cups, and crayons on the floor. Every time she dropped something she would watch it drop as if she was waiting for an explosion and when the sound it made wasn’t annoying enough she’d reach for something else. My mother just sat there and laughed while I tried to hold both of Leta’s arms to her side. That’s when Leta tried to use her forehead to knock a menu off the table."

I wish I blogged like that. A. is that funny. he puts socks on his head when I say "hat". he makes a noise like a bell striking when he sees a dog - "oh, oh", in perfect baby pitch. he dances when I say "dance". but I just never seem to get around to telling the stories. yep, I've been busy.

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