Tuesday, March 29, 2005

that's all I need, day-old baby pictures from my cousin, who now has three boys. she's very sweet and Christian and would never hurt anyone knowingly. did I mention this should have been #2 tx week?

meanwhile, Grrl is weeping over what The Onion once called just the billionth miracle, or some such satire. funny thing is, they were right. every time, it's a miracle.

no second line.

(bugger! this was supposed to follow a long post about the pregnancy test I just took because my period is way later and menopause/metastasis are not the only possible explanations, and how I didn't want to be pg because I'm in chemo and isn't that ironic, and how the chemist told me not to take the airsickness pills I was buying if I was pg, and how I considered if I should say "but it's OK, I'll be having an abortion" and so on and so forth and it was my first ever hpt and yes it's negative. blogger ate the post.

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