Tuesday, March 29, 2005

this post should take about five minutes to write. which is long enough for the pregnancy test to develop. it's so ironic that on a ttc blog, I'm praying for a neg. it's also likely to be a neg - we've had sex twice since my last period on Feb 4, once with a condom and once before I could possibly have ovulated. but with a cycle as reliable as mine, this delay, even with the alternative explanations of menopause/metastasis to the ovaries, is scary. I've had a chemo this cycle. I have three more, plus radio, to go. I can't be pregnant.

at the chemist (not my local, as it happens; deliberate? who knows), the assistant felt moved, as I'd expected, to warn me not to take the air sickness pills I was buying if the test I was also buying came up positive. what could I have said? "it's OK, I'll be having an abortion anyway if I'm pregnant"? and of course all the associated cancer explanations...

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