Wednesday, April 13, 2005

have just had to email mil back telling her I will not let her grandson get molested by babysitters in thailand, as a child was in bali. didn't add "and if they did, I'd either personally or hire someone to rip their gonads from their body".

more people in my mothers' group getting pg, including probably my current bestie (who is also going home to NZ). I've offered her my other pee stick from last month's scare. humph.

was looking at A. yesterday as he munched into his impromptu sandwich in the sun at the market and pointed at birdies, and realised that if that first biochemical had stuck, I'd have a different baby and in all reality, A. might never have got to be born, and even less probably to me. and the weight of that biochemical lifted somewhat, because he's my boy, the one I want. have had a lovely morning babysitting above friend's kid, watching them play together.

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