Friday, April 15, 2005

It appears that the risk of recurrence is inherent in the tumour and stage and not affected by subsequent pregnancies.

ie, once we know my real prognosis in a year or two, we have to decide if we can have another baby with that risk, not if having a baby will increase the risk.

I have a checkup on May 12 and if that's OK, it's six months since diagnosis. I don't know how much chemo slows things down and if six months of being OK means anything. Also, I won't be going for any MRIs or anything like that until/unless there's a) a problem or b) we're about to ttc again, either with me or a surrogate.

have I mentioned that my oncologist has me on only 2/3 of the pill dose of my current round of chemo because of my white blood cell issues? I think he'd rather I got through the treatment without further delay than got a full dose. But I think for round two I'll be asking to try out a full dose. I really want to BASH this mother, y'know?

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