Saturday, April 09, 2005

post-virus, post-chemo, I am just a big sack of lethargy. A. is off at at childcare and I should be writing or landscaping the garden or something (finding a cure for cancer?) but I'm not. I'm just cruising the web and I don't even feel like that.

yesterday a third mothers' group person announced she was pg. she's older than me, I'm sure, and it seems to be a natural pg. congratulations, etc. I suppose if I'm going to hang around with women with small babies, I have to expect this. that's one born, one halfway and another just announced. if I didn't have cancer, maybe I'd be hiding my own little secret by now.

wish A. wasn't at childcare so I could go give him a big hug...

(much later, as blogger was down, and quite irrelevantly: cute baby stuff)

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