Thursday, May 05, 2005

ah, this is not the way to get readers. but for those who came here via Cancer, Baby, via Getupgrrl - and there's enough there to rename the Slashdot Effect the Grrl Effect - hi. it's a little crowded in here. I usually only entertain a visitor or 2 at a time.

I know how annoying it is to try to read back through archives to find out why the hell you're at a site anyway. so this is me (said the Phantom): ttc through 2002, IVF, baby born late 2003, breast cancer diagnosed a year later, surgery, yada yada, currently slogging through chemotherapy with the lowest white blood cell counts ever seen in a living human (yes, I failed again, maybe chemo next week). this has all put a hitch in my plans for ttc #2, I can tell you.

and like Bomb in My Belly, I am not strong. I am not giving thanks for cancer. I am, though, a bit humbled by what I see in the other ttc/cancer/both blogs I surf around. Other than that, I'm just getting on with it and trying not to let bad shit make my life suck. a bit like the amazing Sabine Dardenne, who is my new heroine.

now go back and give Cancer, Baby some love.

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