Friday, May 27, 2005

A. cried when he went to childcare again today, even though dh took him in while I hid in the car.

when I picked him up, he was sitting in a corner playing alone. he cried just a bit when he saw me. one of the staff told me he laughed when they were doing puzzles today - a bit of a surprise to me as he laughs at home all the time, but apparently not at care. so maybe he isn't as happy there as I thought.

I picked him up as soon as I could after an afternoon rest - I could have done more work, or read, but I wanted a bit of baby time. and then I felt guilty for treating "baby time" as an option beside those other things.

anyway, tonight, sick or not, I'm going to the movies with some girlfriends. you have to make the effort sometimes.

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