Thursday, May 05, 2005

great. I finally email Getupgrrl because I can't get at the posts I missed while I was away, and in my attempts to be clever and impress the coolest ttc blogger on the blog, I misspelled "competitive", as in Competitive (aka Competive) Boy. now she'll think I'm stupid and snub me in the lunchroom and I won't get to be a cheerleader and no one will dance with me at the prom. damn. oh wait, that already happened 21 years ago.

can I just say that this whole picking on IVF thing that the Health Minister is up to stinks of anti-female sentiment? that it's all about control of fertility? that infertility is not a fucking lifestyle choice, it's an affliction? and that yes I know Australia has the best damn IVF funding around. and that it should stay that way?

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