Monday, May 09, 2005

poor little A. still has the stomach bug, as he didn't get super antibiotics as I did. which meant he pooed and cried several times last night, and had a temperature, and screamed the house down this morning. he's now napping peacefully. if it recurs, I'm demanding antibiotics for him from the dr, if only to ensure I don't get the bug again once my course finishes. the midnight thought after a bleary nappy change/panadol administration/cuddle: the reason dh and I have conflict when A. is in a crisis, and the reason I get so annoyed with him is this: I am a professional now, I know how to drive A. dh is an amateur, messing about, reading Panadol labels while I hold a crying, squirming bub on my full bladder. must be more patient with him. no man is perfect.

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