Monday, June 27, 2005

before sunrise: A woke up at 6, 1/2 an hour later than yesterday. between the early mornings, this ache in my ribcage and a lack of time to write, I'm getting decidedly grumpy. I suspect I'm about to move past Denial to Anger. Pity the next idiot who gets in my way with some petty concern. Dh, meanwhile, is still on Denial. he can't see just how likely he is that I'll die. I sometimes wish he was like cancer, baby's dh, who has thrown himself into research about her condition.

meanwhile, A. calls for me when he wakes. when he closes himself into a room. and like now, when he's sick of playing in an empty bath and wants more action.

we have a long day ahead, driving up to the country place and back, just to clean between tenants. maybe I'll get one of these stickers for my car, with an Angry Life-threatened Mommy theme.

ps: first "sentence" yesterday: "More juice?"

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