Thursday, June 02, 2005

I have a self-obsessed neighbour. maybe I've mentioned her before. to be fair, she's probably only marginally more self-obsessed than me, but it's enough to annoy me. every situation has to be turned back to refer to her and her life. today I ran into her at my favourite local cafe (dreading that she'd invite herself to join me in my private little brunch-and-magazines-with-baby moment). in a few minutes, she managed to complain about breastfeeding (oh, how I'd love that) and to mention how annoying nausea is when you're ill (try chemotherapy, honey). a few weeks back she mentioned she'd had a lump in her breast, had it checked out, it was nothing. now, she doesn't know I've got had breast cancer. that's because I don't feel moved to share that information with her. but all the same...if she didn't have a daughter six months younger than A., who will probably turn out to be quite a nice kid, and if her front door didn't face mine, I think I'd just stop returning her calls.

on a happier note, Grrl is talking about mothering. and using the phrase "the baby".

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