Friday, June 10, 2005

I see I didn't blog the weekend with the inlaws. lessee; a dinner in an overly flash restaurant where I wrangled a tired bub while everyone else ordered TWO courses and lingered. visits to a very nice Mosman park where I was advised by toddler-and-baby mum to "have another one immediately". a zoo visit where there were no elephants, but the giraffes were excellent. two massive plane screams with people (hosties) stupidly offering to take my baby for a walk. no, he just needed to sleep. and some nice moments when MIL played with A while I just kicked back and read the paper.

Holy Shit!
You have comments! I'm excited!
Do you know how many times & have wanted to SAY SOMETHING HERE!!! I have even emailed you a few times over the past years (I am a reader from before you even fell pg with A.)Just to let you know I am here & reading & thinking of you & all that jazz.
Now I can stalk you daily....!
oh good! just what I've always wanted! my very own Webstalker. I must warn you, my husband is an ubergeek network god and will be able to find you - except he doesn't know I keep this blog, so I'm helpless.

I suddenly feel obliged to check back in and reply to comments, now that I have them. it'll pass.
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