Thursday, June 16, 2005

I used to be so law-abiding (actually, I have convictions for DUI, petty theft and possession of marijuana, but all before I was 20 and I've been extra good since then), but now I'm planning a jailbreak.

yes, every time I drive past that hospital in East Melbourne, I promise my embies: "I'll get you out of there somehow, dudes." I have to admit I feel like I'm promising my daughter that, but in reality I don't care, never have, which gender the next successful hatching is. that one's mine, all mine.

after that, I'm hoping I can convince dh to allow donation. I worked hard to get them, and A. is such a great kid, it seems a shame to not use them up when so many people are waiting for donor embies. and if I die? all the more reason to let them be used, in my opinion. in a way, it will be part of my legacy to the world.

last chemo over, hooray! the nurse took four goes to get the needle in. I also used to have such nice veins, now they're shot. oncologist and I discussed Tamoxifen. he's not so attached to me doing five years. a few percentage points, he says. we'll review it, he says. I live in hope of being ready to ttc again in a little over two years. I never was patient, neither. now I have to be.

(file under: Things Cancer has Taught Me. Not that I'm Grateful or Anything)

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