Tuesday, June 14, 2005

now that I've renovated and have people actually commenting, I thought I'd put in a really gross post to put you all off.

can I just say that between vomiting and constipation as a side effect of chemo, I'll take the chuck bucket any day? no, it's not a nice subject. but I seriously don't think the labour pains were any worse than the 36 hours I've just had. dh was not amused when I told him to call in the dr, I was going for the caesarian...

Sunday night I went out and had an actual Late Night - 1.30 am bedtime, 5 glasses of champagne, and much pointless babbling to dear old friends. I even wore a tight low-cut dress - with a chemise to hide the scars, of course. well, your best friend only turns 40 once. now I'm behind on my work, my housework and my blogging. A is at care, bless his little baldy head, and I should be getting on with things.

did I mention he's taken to walking around wearing my slippers? he looks like a mini clown in blue silk oversized shoes. did I mention my boy is the cutest, most wonderful thing ever? I feel almost perverted, I love him so much (at what age do you have to stop openly sniffing your child's head for that lovely clean-kid-hair smell?)

Oh lord, I would take the vomiting over the constipation any day. That's a special kind of torture.

I'm so glad you have comments now! (Took me a few days to figure that out).
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