Friday, June 10, 2005

ooh, now comments work too. go on, then. say something.

Oh yay, I thought it was a conscious decision you'd made not to allow comments!

I found your blog when my sister was in chemo and having one surgery after another. At the time I could barely manage to read it; it was too scary. But I bookmarked it, and peeked at it through my fingers once in a while. Now she's done and in very good shape as far as anyone can tell. I'm rooting for you to become the same.

Fertility is a huge issue she's still grappling with (I wrote on my blog about it here ), so I was especially glad to give her the link to your blog.

Anyway, very happy to have the chance to say hello. Good luck.

Hi! Thanks for linking my blog in. My Uncle, who does genetic research and is frighteningly brilliant, wrote me a very sweet and very smackdown-y email about my take on scientists that I would post, but he's not a public kind of guy.

I had fun writing it, though!

I hope you feel better soon. It's got to be hard to hear those comments, and even harder because they are meant to be compliments. It always feels wrong to snarl at someone when they've said something they think is nice to say, but they hit a nerve.

Hang in there. I dig the new layout. It's easier to read.
Yay! Comments! I absolutely adore you and your blog. I wish you all the best! I love being able to tell you something. hahah!
ok, I got a little TOO excited thinking that now maybe you'd have an RSS feed. Any chance of that happening?
Persephone! I read your blog! Hi! So sorry about your sister; keep hanging in there.

um, RSS... I think it's an option in Blogger, I'll go look. and maybe I'll allow anonymous comments, too. looking forward to being trolled.
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